We curate the best gender-neutral apparel available on the market and send it Right to your door.


Step 1:
Create your personal style profile

Create an account and fill out your profile questions so that we can get to know you better. After you’ve completed your profile, you’ll select a box to order based on your typical clothing budget.


Step 2:
Receive your hand-selected items

After you officially order your box and pay a $30 styling fee, a stylist will assemble your Box of Goods containing 3-5 hand-selected items and ship it right to your door.


Step 3:
Keep what you love, return what you don’t!

Keep the items that you like from the box and we only charge you for the items that are not returned to us after 5 days.


Step 4:
Give us your feedback!

We will send you a follow-up email to find out how we did and ask that you give us as much feedback (good and bad—you won’t hurt our feelings!) as you can. We are building a relationship with you and a good relationship is built upon communication!


No Shipping Costs

If there are items in the box that don't work for you, simply drop it back in the mail to us and we’ll cover the return shipping.

No Recurring Charges

Order a box when you want to receive it and interact with real stylists - no robots here!

It gets better

Each time we send you a box, we use your feedback to hone in on your personal style until we know what you want before you do.


WE want you to love it!

Much like a first date, there is always a chance that the items in the first box may not suit your fancy. Don’t fret, just send it back within 5 days and try again! Your second styling fee is on us (who says chivalry is dead?) and then each subsequent order will include a $30 styling fee charged upon shipment. But guess what? Refer a friend to use Greyscale Goods and when they use your code to order a Box of Goods, your next styling fee is discounted. Learn more about referral codes.