Slate Box


Slate Box


Your own personal shopper! You keep the items that you like and only pay for the items that are not returned to us after 5 days. 

If you don’t find anything in the box that you love, simply drop it back in the mail to us and we’ll cover the return shipping.

We want to know what you usually spend on clothing when you go shopping so that we know what level of quality you expect to find in your clothing. At Greyscale Goods, we believe in supporting manufacturers who deliver well made goods that we can be proud to share with you. While we may occasionally send you items for your consideration that are above these ranges, we aim to respect your overall budget and want you to find items that truly fit your lifestyle. 

Choose the Slate Box if your budget is generally in the below ranges for clothing so that we can send you items that are in the quality that you expect

Jacket = $100-$150
Pants = $90-$150
T-shirt = $45-$60
Dress Shirt = $85-$125

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