Flannel: The Ultimate Layering Piece

Where would androgynous fashion be without flannel? Button it up. Layer it over a plain or graphic T. Let it peek out from beneath a light sweater. Flannels are one of those versatile wardrobe staples that allow for endless outfit permutations.  If you’re aiming to change the silhouette of your look, tie a flannel around your waist—it’s like wearing a kilt without the breeze. Or, layer a flannel under a leather jacket or hoodie and whisper “there are levels to this shit” into the mirror before you hit the town. However you choose to rock this look, remember to wear it with confidence, the ultimate accessory. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than matching your outsides to your insides, and we all have a little lumberjack in us—non-sexually of course, unless you’re into that.